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VTNC LATINO - Brazilian protest

Hello, how are you? 

I come on be behalf of more than 90 thousand Brazilian people that look for help and support of you in a special move. Everyone knows that the music Gangnam Style of the Korean Singer PSY is a success worldwide and that many artists have danced and shared on Twitter this music video. 

However, we Brazilians also like very much of it, but we had a somewhat unpleasant surprise on Sept. 14, when a singer named Latino, played a version of the internet hit Gangnam Style, extremely grotesque. The video has already hit record deslike on youtube with over 95 000 deslike but we PSY's fans and supporters really want to prevent that Latino singer sing obscene version he created. 

Through the internet many people expressed their displeasure with the Latino's version, but in response he offended PSY's fans and offended us, referring to fans as envious and say to us on the twitter "go to hell". 
We do not stop expressing opinions contrary to the version of this singer because it is completely contrary to the original version. 

On being criticized by version, Latino said on his twitter: 

"The Koreans were angry with me because I made the 1st bold version of the song, but the Brazilians were happy because they passed to understand at least something!" 

What is not true, we Brazilians hate his version, not to mention that the singer's comment suggests that the original music as well as his version only talks about sex. I will put part of Latino's song in Portuguese and translated into English, a little lower. I prefer not to torture you with the whole song. 
It Is worth mentioning that if the South Koreans - in fact South Koreans and South Koreans descendants - who live in Brazil did not like the song and were offended, it would make the singer back on his decision, apologize and not sing anymore the obscene version that he created, but he continued. 

Even before the song came out, the singer was already receiving criticism and said on his twitter: 

"Even before make the Brazilian version of HIT Gangnam Style, Koreans have started the protests? Please spare me, NE .. We are in Brazil fuck." 

As if living in Brazil was reason to ignore the discontent of the descendants of Koreans, South-Koreans that live in Brazil and Korean Culture's fans. The singer Latino says that his version is a tribute to PSY and for Koreans that live in Brazil, but we do not see how to turn "Heyy sexy lady" to "I want sex", can be a tribute. 

Throughout the days we continue to demonstrate our displeasure with this perverted version of Gangnam Style, but the singer began using TV channels for marketing music and it inevitably force people to hear this destructive version. At the point of people saying that his version is so bad it is giving cancer in those who listen. 

The Latino's version called "Farewell Single" - in view of the singer, is a tribute to the Koreans who live in Brazil and for the own PSY - the song talks about the day before the of a man's wedding that goes to a nightclub with the clear intention to achieve sex with as many women as he can, he'll be "crazy", drugging and drinking till you drop at the end, and he does not know if it really is getting married the next day. 

Which leads us to emphasize that we are tired of songs that are sold to the media that only destroy the image of Brazilian women, what we can see on a clearly way in Latino's version say "I will hunt and be hunted, lacing, pull, kiss", makes us wonder if women reached the point of being cows are to be loops, not to mention the part where he says he will "gallop" all night with the woman. What again makes us wonder if the woman is now a horse to be ridden. And it is questionable what kind of man want to spend the night with several women having sex the day before the wedding? It should make anyone with at least a shred of decency get sick. 

This is the first time we see a singer to release a song that can turn women into animals that need to be roped and men on pimps in the extreme. The singer says that his version is permitted, but we ask the world's attention to express that this version needs to be banned. PSY on to make the song "Gangnam Style" make it as a critic to the society and for us fans it is very painful to see a really good song become garbage. Besides the risk of destroying an entire effort to attract positive attention to our country. 

While in the original version PSY sings "A woman who is loving and warm during the day. An elegant woman who knows to enjoy an invitation to a cup of coffee. A woman whose heart warms, upon arriving in the evening. A woman showing these two sides. I'm a guy, a guy who is hot during the day, like you. A guy who takes his coffee every day even before it cools. A guy whose heart 
explodes when night comes. That kind of guy." 

The singer Latino turned into "I'm going to enjoy life today in 24 hours, the ladies already know that tonight is all ours. Hunt and be hunted only in the club banger, DJ turbine LP sound that's already on the wheel. The area continues, do not stop. Don't stop, all the girls naked, the 'latinetes' with topless and butt to the moon, and I turned to catch their prey. No one can stop me. Bachelor party, tomorrow maybe I'll marry. I'm stoned, I'm pretty crazy and the hangover will kill me. I'll call a "fuck you", I just wanna kiss you play lasso, lasso" 

And the part where the PSY sings "Hey sexy lady, oppa has the style Gangnam, ehh sexy lady, oooh". 

Was transformed into "Hey, I want sex, I'll catch you. Hey, I want sex, to gallop " 

Because of this, the criticism continued and many Brazilians rejected the song until it reached the point where Latino singing again on his Twitter said: 

"Grab a lemon and turn it into lemonade is creativity YES! After all, no one deserves to suck pure lemon! That's what I did with the version of PSY!" 

It is easy to understand in this review that Latino, had the courage to take the music that is PSY success worldwide, destroy the music turning it into stupid lyrics and still say that the original version is like a lemon pure, what means that the original version is 'sour' and nobody supports. What inevitably further inflamed the will of Brazilians. Although we know the power of the Internet in Brazil, to our misfortune, the media still has a great impact on people and if we do not take care of these songs spread like a virus. So that's more or less a year this same singer in Brazil launched his version of "Danza Kuduro" by Don Omar and Lucenzo and made a great success until the moment that Latino disappeared only after we pass to know that Lucenzo - owner of the original version - sued Latino for not having permission to use his music, which makes us wondering if the Latino's version of "Festa no Apê" - another song obscene - is allowed, again because it is a copy of the song "Dragostea Din tei" of a Romania Group called O-ZONE. 

Latino has a habit of copying the songs of singers foreigners, of way to piggyback on the success of these singers, to the point of people are doing critics saying that Latino gets more ride than that backpacking in Europe and that pirates products are more original than him. 

The main point is that we PSY's and K-POP's Brazilians fans and supporters of this cause, we ask your help, this appeal reaches PSY and that if he can do something to stop this destruction of music and to that singer Latino who self titled "artist" - but do not miss the opportunity to offend PSY's fans, Korean culture's fans and supporters - cannot sing this perverted and obscene version of Gangnam Style anymore. It is also our goal that the singer Latino, will apologize to all the fans, supporters, Brazilian men and women and the own PSY by such disrespect. Have we made it clear that while he does not, we will not leave him in peace, for we will not accept more imposing negative media in our intellect.

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